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Pets Ashes – what to do with the ashes of your pet

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My Pets Ashes – We believe that the life of your beloved pet deserves to be remembered and celebrated. When you lose a pet it can be a such a devastating loss that it can be difficult to work out what is the right thing to do, should you leave the ashes at the pet crematorium? Should you bring them home? Is it alright to scatter the ashes in your local park? Can you keep the ashes at home until you decide what to do?

Whether you decide to scatter, keep or bury the ashes there is a huge range of options available. We hope that this website will give you all the information you need to make a decision that you are comfortable with, a decision that is right for you and your pet.

This is a brand new website from the award winning  Scattering Ashes team, please bear with us while we fill in the gaps

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My Parrot Xander

When I had to put my parrot down on Christmas Eve, after a tragic accident, I was faced with the difficulty of working out what to do with her ashes. I didn’t want to scatter them because I regularly move house, but I also didn’t want to just store them. Then I came across your website. I found the perfect memorial to my dear bird, a glass heart which reflects the bright green of her feathers and which I can hold in my hand. Even as I so often held her in my hand.
Thank you for the prompt attention all the way through the process, and the care you gave to the ashes of my beloved friend.
Xander the Parrot

Thank you for all your kind service, it has made a really difficult thing to do much easier, and the bead is beautiful, thanks. Simone

Pandora Ashes Charm Bead - Amber

Just to say thankyou. My bead has arrived. It’s lovely.

Pandora Ashes Charm Bead - Green
Thanks again,your service is invaluable. My dog will be with me always
Pandora Ashes Charm Bead - Amber
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