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Handmade in Devon

We can make your pet ashes into a gorgeous and unique item that will be made by hand right here in Devon.

Handmade Jewellery – You can have a talented silver smith place a small amount of your pet ashes into a silver ring. Another glassmaker will put ashes into ornate beads and make earrings, bracelets or pendants for you. Or what about a stunning Pandora Style Charm bead as featured in Devon Life Magazine?

Handmade Pet Urns – You could put your beloved dog’s ashes into a wooden pet urn that is made in Dartmoor. You can have their name engraved on the top or front, we can even use a photograph of their paw on it if that will help you to remember them when you need to.

Handmade Glass Ornaments – a simple and effective way to remember your beloved pet is to put their ashes into a glass ornament such as a paperweight. We really love our glass hearts.

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